Justice League Members Official Logo’s Revealed – Watch Additional Justice League Snippet


Comic Con 2016 has definitely intrigued all fans from Marvel to DC.
Late yesterday, DC announced the official Justice League logos for each member along with this amazing footage from the new Justice League Movie:

The logos below have been officially confirmed by DC for the Justice League Members:


Batman: Justice League

One word – NO! – Personally as a follower of everything good may it be DC or Marvel, I believe this logo could have been far better. The bat looks stuffed, but you would say so is Ben Affleck as the New Batman. Nevertheless, there’s a new side to the Batman for the Justice League Movie as per the footage above.


Superman: Justice League

The Superman Logo never fails to attract the masses. The Red Color Gradient, mixed with the color of blood almost immediately strikes as superhuman strength within this logo.


Wonder Woman: Justice League

The new Wonder Woman Logo, almost immediately reminds me of the World Wrestling Federation logo as it was once. Nevertheless, the beak shape of the ‘W’ in the middle representing a bird as a difference and the additional braces brings about the necessary change. The wallpapers for the movie are most definitely the best of 2016 so far.


Aquaman: Justice League

The logo is unique! It does however remind me off the Fire Kingdom braces the men and women wore from ‘The Last Air Bender’ series. However, it is extremely unique for the movie itself and has most certainly intrigued designers of the world.


The Flash: Justice League

For all those Flash followers (including me) – the electricity bolt is always a reminder of Barry Allen – The fastest man alive …… & Bolt … Oops that didn’t come out right. But it does nevertheless resemble the ‘Bolt’ logo. However the electric flash and the golden flash have received immense fame & popularity via the Flash series itself.


Cyborg: Justice League

This new logo is definitely attractive and appealing. It’s about Cyborg as a new entity within the Justice League but not for the comic book lovers who are probably used to this image. Now let’s not get the red glowing dot in between confused with the ‘Terminator’ Logo! – I am just saying!


The Justice League Official Logo


Justice League Official Icon
All Image Credits: http://batman-news.com/
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