Jeremy Clarkson reveals New Logo for the ‘Grand Tour’ – The Old ‘Top Gear’ Crew’s Exclusive Show.

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‘Top Gear’ remains as the masses favorite T.V show on new, economical, vintage and sports cars across the globe. Nevertheless, after the controversial show down with Jeremy Clarkson and his firing led to the shows immediate shutdown and fans had only received hints for a new show with the hysterical & engaging trio. After a long wait and second and third guessing, Amazon Videos will be hosting a new motoring Television Show called “The Grand Tour”. Why ‘The Grand Tour’? You may ask, because as Jeremy himself puts it that they will be travelling ‘THE WORLD’ hosting each episode in different countries, considering it as a large and ambitious tour- hence ‘The Grand Tour’.

As a result of an incident with a producer from BBC in March last year, his contract wasn’t renewed – resulting in a combined decision from the Top Gear Executive Producer, along with James May & Richard Hammond that they wouldn’t continue the show without Jeremy Clarkson.


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July last year, rumors had already spun that the Trio along with the Executive Producer from Top Gear had already signed with Amazon Prime Video Service for a new car show.

Filming for the new series began in October last year and this fall is when we would see the first episodes, however Canada may not receive broadcast as of yet, until a traditional broadcaster or streaming service purchase the rights!

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The logo is able to communicate about speed and efficiency – along with a blend of trial and error. The letter ‘G’ may resemble the letter ‘F’ from Formula 1, but I am sure that wasn’t the idea:

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The complete automotive and vehicle logo however with professional font and the digital utilization of Negative Space yet again has brought forth the image with spectacular style; while the color orange only boosts a fresh start – hence it makes you want to read it just within seconds. Overall a memorable representation for the new automotive show.

The logo above was tweeted by Jeremy Clarkson himself with the cited information below:

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Here’s wishing the New Logo, Jeremy & the Team best of luck Safe & Happy Trailing!

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