IO Interactive has a new Logo Design and Office!

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IOI or more famously known as IO – Interactive Studios have a new development studio in Copenhagen:io2

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The game developers are responsible for a number of famous first person and 3rd person shooter games, including different genres. Perhaps the most famous and ongoing is the “HITMAN’ Series”.io3

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I am sure that the above image rings a bell from the Bangkok Episode 4, where agent 47 lurks in the shadows to take down targets from afar.


Nevertheless the new design studio has brought about a new change. The identity of the IO – Interactive Studios has changed and remains corresponsive for the digital age. IO –Interactive Studios is looking forward to continue with the HITMAN Series from their new studio.io4

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The facility has various options including an onsite motion capture studio, cantina, a wonderful kitchen and a lot of other facilities for their employees to rest relax and program the best games to be played on different platforms.

And for the employees the studio is equipped to keep them preoccupied with high score competitions on arcade machines.


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The website is amazing to look at with the new identity along with the logo communicating irrespective of the logotype. The customized logomark is extremely interactive.io6

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The occasion was marked by the Studio Head Hans Seifert with the following quote:

IOI has always been a studio that creates unique and interesting games. It comes from the idea that we want our games to play and feel like the people that create them. Our new studio is the perfect place to continue doing that. It’s an energetic, high-tech and exciting place to work that has been created specifically for our needs as an ambitious development studio. Our new logo is fresh, contemporary and expresses our creativity, ambition and passion.

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