Introducing Mozilla’s New Internet-Savvy Logo Design


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Mozilla is a non-profit community which aims at making the internet a better and healthy place. It fulfills its aim by making the internet free and accessible, by providing free softwares. One famous software which almost all of us have used all our lives is Mozilla Firefox-a free and open-source web browser.

After months of publically announcing the initiation of its rebranding, Mozilla has finally settled for a logo design. Mozilla adopted an open door public feedback policy where around seven options were displayed until there was a winner.

mozilla banner

Image Credits:  THENEXTWEB.COM

If we look at the new logo design, new font has been introduced for the wood mark. The letters ‘ill’ have been replaced with a colon and two forward slashes (://). The new identity is a true depicture of Mozilla’s philosophy- Internet being at heart. Tim Murray said “Because it has a portion of URL embedded in the middle of the logo, you know this must be some kind of Internet Company.”

mozilla logo

The color palette chosen has taken inspiration from highlighter colors. The logo design will change colors according to the context it will be used in.

mozilla banner 2

Mozilla does not want the imagery with its logo design to be static, but rather dynamic. Dynamic imagery will give the brand a new and fresh look, which is why different artists, contributors and designers have been invited to contribute to the digital experience Mozilla aims to give to its users.

Mozilla stated in a blog that, “this open design approach, we will engage new design contributors and communities, and make more imagery available to all under Creative Commons. We’re looking for input from creative communities to help shape and expand this idea.”

mozilla banner 3

mozilla banner 4

mozilla banner 5


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