Impact of Geometry, on a Custom Logo Design –‘A long straight line ago’.

History reveals that geometry has had an integral role and part to play in our lives. ‘Geometry’ arose from the Greek word ‘Geo’ – earth and ‘Metron’- measurement. Classic geometry focused on compass and straightedge constructions. Truth be told, human beings aren’t responsible for Geometry, instead it was evolved completely from ‘nature’.

geo1Tab Geometry: Part of the table of Geometry from 1728

“Where there is matter, there is geometry”. – Johannes Kepler

Simple shapes have been used throughout time in various art cultures across the globe. However geometry has played a major role in architecture & design, evident from the Pyramid, The Taj Mahal and other historical architectural buildings.


geo21Ancient structures such as the pyramid and the Taj Mahal have evidential proof of architecture & design completely dependent on ‘Geometry’.(Click Image to enlarge for geometric proportions used)

Geometrical Recognized Custom Logo Designs Online:



The blue square evidently depicts Facebook, the red triangle used with Adobe, the circle used for Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, the 5 point star used as the Rockstar Games logo and the spiral used for the Standard Chartered Bank Logo, all are only but a few examples of how geometry is instilled in branding a custom logo design.

A square, mainly a four sided figure implies evident stability, a triangle displays a strong base pointing away from itself, a circle round in shape parades liberty and free will by rolling freely, the star shows off all 5 points exhibiting talent and creativity and a spiral demonstrates complexity (like the human DNA) but with ability to contract or expand also providing consistent messages with each brand.
In short Geometry structures the heart of a custom logo design. Each shape has value added to it and delivers with purpose.

Geometry – The logo specialist


The objective of a custom logo design is to portray the product or commodity of a client in a glimpse of not less than 3-4 seconds. Impossible? Not while using geometry. Shapes always form the fundamentals of every design – environmental, architectural, industrial, interior or graphic design. Time evolves any shape from simple to that of a complex one, just like us from a simple small embryo to that of a full-fledged human being. In the same way a logo design evolves from a scratch to that of a branding communique.
To create a custom logo design, from time to time for clients with their prerequisite requirements, a designer, must draw, spend time with nature without a schedule and research with geometry almost on every design. To create geometric happenings all one really needs is a drawing compass a pencil and a straightedge.

The Circle

The centre point of a drawing compass results in a circle, even the simple point is considered to be a zero point, in physics a zero point is defined as location in space and nothing else. Evidently the circle is known to be the master of all shapes as all shapes are defined from it. An egg of fertilization that contains everything to create any part of a living organism or the earth pictured from outer space that has everything in it already.
In a logo, a circle represents groups or many individuals as one:


Two intersecting lines or the letter X in a Logo

The symbol or letter ‘X’ has an undisputable power on accounts of its mystical and unknown value. It adds the element of surprise to a brand name or a product which instantly peaks the interest levels of a consumer or viewer.
X refers to the unknown hence mystical. By adding an X to any logo or brand name, it leaves an enigmatic value for the undefined or waiting to be defined in a custom logo design.

The ‘X’ in Pixels here denotes a questionable amount of talent represented by 4 small cubes displaying hints of talent, strength and security. A custom logo design with the letter ‘X’ is basically a question in itself that leaves an audience curious and that is exactly what a product would require at times!


Details of almost every structure and design would reveal a lot of geometrical patterns involved. Like a movie, a custom designed logo has the capability to communicate its relevant or hidden message. The amount of depth and applicability present in geometry along with the right intuition, metaphor and symbol would create an everlasting logo design that would grip the mind of every viewer.

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