How the Media & Twitter Reacted to Instagram’s Logo Re Design

After 5 years 4 months, Instagram – the famous mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service has revamped its logo to battle current technological trends. A more abstract approach has been visible as of today on its main app, along with matching icons for apps like Layout and Hyperlapse.

After the announcement, with the colorful revelation, it has further come to attention that their interactive software is also receiving a due app redesign that which was perceived as the black and white look showcased earlier last week. Keeping in mind of new technological advances, Instagram appears to have taken the leap of faith (and a successful one too) by revamping the old retro looking camera and instilling a new square shape along with a contrast of color, yet managing to keep the ‘camera’ alive in the complete image.

Its correspondence is not only effective but also mainstream, knowing the fact that Social Networking giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google have all revamped their old designs to a certain extent. The update has taken immediate effect on iOS and has covered the Android platform as well.

Nevertheless loads of mixed reaction have been evident in the past 48 hours along with the revamped logo. Most tech corporations concluded stating that “it’s not a big deal”, while others were busy reacting with funny gifs and small animated videos. The wide use of Instagram has been apparent and I am sure they are less likely to respond to such reactions, the necessary concern however is with the fact whether the new logo would still attract the same appeal or even more from the masses.

Since the new logo was disclosed in the news, Twitter had the most number of reactions from the masses for the new logo design, demographically just for the sake of entertainment and a critical response. Goes to show that Instagram would not only receive hype from its competitors for the new design but also receive indirect fame, because ‘criticism’ and ‘popularity’ go ‘hand in hand’.

Only time can tell whether this redesign has evolved to the rebranding of Instagram and to what level. Analytically the end of this quarter would prove with numbers whether there was a rise in the use of the Instagram application or a fall, in any case change is always necessary.

Android and IOS users have already sunk in with the contrasted logo and with them being the leading giants for the telecom and smartphone industry, Instragram would have less to think about criticism at this stage as its apparent use worldwide. Furthermore statistically a majority of the percentage is in favor of the new logo with colorful contrast and has the substantiate zeal to not only attract additional clientele (which it is already doing) but also convert potential onlookers out of mere curiosity.

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