Google’s Halloween Algorithm Update Has Created an Uncertainty in the SEO Community

Google makes changes to its algorithm nearly every day, sometimes even multiple times in a day. Around Halloween, some WebmasterWorld members stated that Google has made some changes in its algorithm due to which the SEO industry was found in a state of confusion. However, Google has not yet given a confirmation about this update.

What Are The Evidences Of Google Halloween Update?

WebmasterWorld conducts a monthly discussion where the changes made in ranking are discussed. With the start of a new month, a new discussion thread is started. As soon as it starts, it becomes populated with followers and members discussing about Google Halloween update and the changes in Google rankings.

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords or phrases are searched infrequently. Due to their inherent ambiguity and vagueness, they are considered unreliable indicators. In he recent discussions held on WebmasterWorld, some forum members cited that changes in Google algorithm affect long tail keywords. However, we cannot take this as a confirmation of an update.

In response to the changes in Google algorithm, Danny Sullivan tweeted about how Google answers ambiguous search queries with Neural Matching. According to Danny Sullivan, about 30% of queries generate results by a system named Neural Matching.

True Evidences

When Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and WebmasterWorld have intense discussions on their platforms, it is a hint of an update. On WebmasterWorld, there has been going on a heated discussion about how the Halloween update will affect website rankings.

Has Google updated Their Algorithm?

Right now, the level of discussion regarding the Halloween update has gone down. With no confirmation from Google, it is quite possible that the core algorithm has not been updated. There may have been a surge in featured snippets, but the indications of an algorithm update is not there.

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