Google Launches its Allo Application Finally!


Google Says “Allo” with its Messaging App –and it has some diverse functions setting it apart from its competitors!

The option to do more than just chatting with User Experince and User Interface in mind is here – Googles Allo Application was launched yesterday by Google for Android and IOS users. Apart from aiding you in your plans, it also keeps a conversation going without having you to type again and again (we are going to get lazy again). Google has answered our prayers for an intelligent mobile app development design.

Allo Application Smart Replies – Quick Responses
Google Allo has and option of “Smart Reply” which would not only keep the conversation going but also have automatic options to replying with a “yup” with just a tap in response to a friend’s question of “Are you on your way?” With Smart Reply come other options such as Smart Responses, for example if your friend was to show you a picture of her one year old, smart reply would automatically suggest an “Awww Cute!” response. Furthermore Smart Reply will improve over time with the integration of A.I to know an individual’s funny or sarcastic responses, thus saving it for automatic replies.

Google Assistant – All New Allo Application 

Finally, I can chat with Google directly instead of just asking questions on the search engine. This is revolutionary and will definitely be a winner. So with the Google Assistant in Allo Messenger, you can get things done within the chat itself. For example, the above animated gif explains that you could directly ask Google for help by simply tagging it for cooking sushi within a single chat box – and Google delivers intelligently. And the best option is that you can chat one on one with your Google Assistant. I am going to name mine as “Jarvis” for sure (if there is an option to rename)!

Other options Available with Google Assistant are as followed:
Make Social Plans
Get Google Answers
Loads of Entertainment in Short
Incognito Mode – Chatting


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You can chat in incognito mode just like you can use Google chrome in incognito mode. This goes to show that Google has always taken care of security measures but this time they have certainly taken the leap of faith and gone out of the box to set up discreet notification and message expiration times.

Enjoy the Video for Allo below:

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