Football Federation Australia (FFA) Unveils A-League’s New Logo Design

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Football Federation Australia (FFA) is an Australian body that governs soccer, beach soccer and futsal. FFA has unveiled the new logo design for its three opening competitions- A-League, W-League and Y-League. It also introduced individual logo design for its ten clubs.

“This is the perfect time to update our look and use the same logo across the board, especially to reinforce football’s on-going commitment to women’s football by connecting the Hyundai A-League with the Westfield W-League.”


Image Credits:  THEROAR.COM.AU

The new logo design has been designed after thorough market research to appeal to a greater audience, in an attempt to expand the supporter’s base. “The logo design is inspired by football’s three outstanding features – atmosphere, diversity and unity,” Mr. Gallop said.

“All three league brands [W-League, A-League and Youth League] will assume the color palette of clubs when utilized within club marketing and collateral, including the playing strip,” an FFA statement read.

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Image Credits:  THEROAR.COM.AU

The new logo design will remain the same, only the color will change. However, orange will remain as the primary color for the A-League and Y-League’s logo. The color orange has been used since the inception of both the leagues in 2005.

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