Fiat 500: 60th Anniversary Special


Fiat 500: 60th Anniversary Special

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This year marks the 60th Anniversary of the quintessential Fiat 500. Fiat is all set to launch a limited edition anniversary special of Fiat 500 which they are calling “500 Anniversario.” The anniversary model is inspired by the “Nuova 500” which was made available for purchase in 1957. This model also set the precedent of style and design for their current models.

Fiat 500: 60th Anniversary Special

Image Source:  FIAT.CO.UK

The limited edition will come with a 1.2L 500 lounge variant engine. On top of that, it will come standard with 16 inch low profile wheels which will give the car a more appealing look. This edition will be available in three colors; Riviera Green, Gelato White and Sicilia Orange. Furthermore, they would be branding this anniversary model with the original antique logos that were used for the original and definitive Fiat 500. The upholstery of the car also comes with an embroidered ‘500’ on it which adds to the ambiance of the interior, making it a truly special tribute to its rich ancestry. The style may be inspired by the antique design but the limited edition still boasts all the benefits and capabilities of a modern car. The car will come with Bluetooth connectivity and Satellite Navigation as standard equipment.

Fiat 500: 60th Anniversary Special


“The Fiat 500 Anniversario Edition offers a glimpse into the iconic heritage of the Fiat brand and pays tribute to the vehicle which launched 60 years ago,” said the head of Fiat Australia, Fulvio Antonelli. This sums up the essence of the limited edition anniversary model and the nostalgia it will spark among the enthusiasts allowing them the opportunity to become a part of their rich heritage with the ease and access of a modern day car.

To make it even more special and exclusive, FIAT has decided to only sell 60 units of the FIAT 500 Anniversario Edition in Australia to mark the 60th Anniversary.

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