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The second oldest brand of the Coca Cola Company, ‘Fanta’, is available in 100 different flavors across the globe. Maintaining ‘Fanta’s brand value’ with a new design earlier this year by ‘Drinkworks’ along with the new custom food & drink logo which is available now in certain countries only including Poland, Italy, Romania, Serbia and Malta. The new depiction is to serve the young audiences and their tantalizing taste buds.
The aspect was to attract not only the younger generation but the generation before who have enjoyed this refreshing drink from their teens till date.


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The old logo and the new logo don’t have a lot of difference – yet they are definitely not similar. It would be a total waste of time to compare and contrast as there are pros and cons attached to the new and the old image. Nevertheless it’s all about communication. The logo still influences the viewers to take a chance, attracts and develops thirst almost immediately. Hence the appeal hasn’t been lost and that by far is what a logo and an identity normally conclude.
The combination of blue and white have most certainly worked in favor of the new logo as the letters are standing out to display ‘Fanta’ as the only choice.

But perhaps what stands out the most in the complete logo, is the naughty sly smile observed in the last letter ‘A’, which immediately communicates fun, intelligence and style personified.

Apart from the logo, the packaging has changed and looks amazing as it is:


Packaging Before and After
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Different exciting flavors

What remains visible is the new bottles have a ‘squeeze-me’ shape which would definitely attract masses towards the existing brand. This new packaging change with a twist and the curvy bottle, would surge the existing brand along with the new logo.
The website caters to all the countries listed, however changes seem to appear only on the countries where the logo and the new bottle was launched:


Fanta – Poland
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Fanta – Homepage (U.S)

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Overall the new logo & packaging hasn’t hit the global market yet. But this goes to show that change is necessary in branding – and branding is necessary for change.

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