The Evolution of the Web Design Company Phenomenon

 The Evolution of the Web Design Company Phenomenon


Times have changed all over the world and the technology realm is not an exception as well. Websites which once appeared simple but were complexly coded have dramatically changed over the years with the help of new integrations and programs affecting the infrastructure of the web design.

Following is a list of how your web design company might have changed over the years:

Ten years ago, a number of standard fonts for instance, Arial and Times New Roman were seen far and wide with little or no variation. Since then, hundreds and thousands of fonts are now easily accessible with more being designed every day. These new fonts have opened doors for creativity and aesthetically pleasing designs which your web design company can use to stand out in the competition!

HTML Changing to HTML5

 The Evolution of the Web Design Company Phenomenon


In the olden days, there was no specific structure in how the websites were designed. This led to various issues in the website’s design aesthetics. Since then, the newer version of HTML, HTML5, has successfully restructured standards which had been previously set for developing website designs and making websites more user friendly.

Boom In The Social Media Integration

Social media has been one of those industries which has developed over the past few years. In the early 2000s, the advancement in the field of social media and the social media integration with web development was not very successful until websites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter became prevalent. As the social media gained popularity, business realized their survival depended on the social media integration and user engagement.

Popularity of Stylesheets

CSS has over the years become increasingly popular, which has led to a demand for web design companies who can work alongside coders. This is directly related to the increase in the user interaction and also the ease which is now demanded by all website users.

 The Evolution of the Web Design Company Phenomenon

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