Election Day Verdict – The Yes, the No, and the Why Should We?


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Let’s Get Ready to Rumble 

It’s time to make a decision. It’s time to select a human being to equip him/her with some of the most overwhelming amount of responsibilities that which will not only be exercised for the United States of America but also effect the world. While the majority of the United States Population accepts the fact that both the candidates aren’t extremely competitive – but if a choice was to be made at all – it would be Hillary Clinton, given the number of abnormalities presented by the Republican Presidential nominee including the Trump and Pence logo.  The statistics suggest the same and today, November 8th 2016, is apparently the day of reckoning!

Election Day compared to what it was in 2008 when the world saw the Democratic Presidential Candidate Barrack Obama, go toe to toe with Republican Candidate John McCain was a different battle on a completely different intellectual level.

The Election Day so far:


Image Credits: ” https://www.theguardian.com/


Image Credits: https://www.theguardian.com/

What matters the most is that this is the 45th Election for the President of the United States of America – whether it is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump– each have to secure 270 Electoral College votes. After being in a tough battle with each other through the year – there will finally be a winner within the next couple of hours. What we can expect is a Hillary Clinton win while Trump quotes and claims that the election is rigged.

Donald Trump quotes for the New York Times today (literally about 20 minutes ago):

“I do think a lot of the polls are purposely wrong,” he said. “I don’t even think they interview people, I think they just put out phony numbers.”

But the verdict is all that the world awaits- patiently and there is an obvious prediction.




A Final Verdict


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This is the first time the Media and the News Agencies will call their President as ‘Madam President’, can’t wait to see that happen. The final prediction is another insight of what is to come as tension mounts amongst celebrities to leave the United States of America if Donald Trump is accidentally declared POTUS:


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Ne Yo

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The singer plans to move to Canada if Trump wins:








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At the End of it All:

I think the people of the United States of America and we the people of the World are definitely left with no choice but to be inclined completely towards Hillary Clinton for all the evidential reasons. This could have been an amazing battle for the throne .. err I mean for the Presidential Candidacy, if only there were more options or better contenders. Hillary Clinton is better equipped and far superior than Donald Trump – that has always been the bottom line and the backbone of this election.

The state the world could be in:


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