Don’t Say These Things to Designers

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Working with your designers can help both of you come up with innovative designs. Moreover, sharing of ideas and giving regular feedback on artistic work often produces outstanding performance. However, you should never say following four things to your designer:

1.    “Your design work had some issues, but don’t worry, I’ve fixed them.”

It is unadvisable to make any design changes in the final design work without prior consultation with your designers. If you are not satisfied with the work, talk to the designer. Giving them your honest feedback helps you to get the right output with the desired results.

2.    “I haven’t finished writing the copy; but could you craft a draft?”

You may already know that “Content is king.” Consequently, a design should be created around the content, but never vice versa. The copy that you design gives details to work upon. If the designer is blank and does not know what the exact requirements are, time and resources will be wasted.

3.    “Can you make just one more edit? I promise it’ll be the last one.”

You and your designer know that there will typically be design changes one after another. After you have already asked for various tweaks, you shouldn’t be making empty promises, especially when it is related to your business. Instead, politely ask your designer to make the required changes. Make them feel that you value their hard work. Don’t hesitate to add the extra time spent to your invoice for making these edits.”

4.    “Can you apply this symbol I found online?”

Copying other designs, or turning to Google for ideas by following your competitors can backfire in a number of ways. In fact, copying others can put you into legal troubles for applying a copyrighted image – one which isn’t licensed for commercial or personal use. Moreover, since the image is too low in quality, it won’t even look appealing in your design.


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