Do you know the Apple Logo? Guess Again with a Memory Test



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It so happens to be, that we see this logo every day, but do we truly know which one is it, if it’s to be circled out from the 8 options above?

Option B happens to be the right answer, but if you are still striving to figure out which is which, then you are not alone.

In a theoretical experiment, 85 UCLA students were given the task of identifying the correct logo from the given image above – the results are shocking. A surging number of 84 students got it wrong, in spite of using the IPhone, IPad, Macs and Apple Laptops and Desktops day in and day out.

This goes to show that the memory of human beings is poor compared to what we believe it may seem to be, with analytical and experimental research – a given human brain can recollect and store up to 2.5 petabytes (or a million gigabytes). Dr. Alan Castel, the man behind the inquisitive experiment had the exact same notion that human memory isn’t what it seems like apart from the fact that neurons constantly combine so that each one helps with numerous memories at a time.

Dr. Castel further explains that the devices and images that a human being interacts with daily leads to explicit memory, hence losing insight of what is in front almost all the time than what lies ahead.

In short even after being a steadfast Apple product fan, your memory may not serve you completely when it comes to recalling its basic identity.

If you feel you got the answer right from the set of 8 logos represented above let us know in the comments below –

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