Credit Karma Unveils a New Fresh Logo Design



Credit Karma recently unveiled its new logo design. For those who don’t know what Credit Karma is, it a mobile and web based financial management platform that provides its subscribers free weekly credit scores and credit reports from bureaus like TransUnion and Equifax.

Not only this, its helps people keep track of their credit cards by showing the number a credit cards a person owns, what are their respective limits and utilizations. Its help people fix their credit scores, as without a good credit score people in the US can’t do much.

Let’s take a closer look at Credit Karma’s new logo design which was designed by Siegel+Gale.




“Our old identity no longer captured our expanded offering. Our new identity is truly reflective of our brand personality and where we want to go,” said Greg Lull, Chief Marketing Officer, Credit Karma.

Swoosh from the old logo that represented karma has been removed. The new green color palette used for the fonts gives it a refreshing professional look. Although, both the new and old logo design don’t say much about what the company stands for. The upward movement of the letter ‘K’ attempts to reflect the mission of Credit Karma-helping people improve their financial health and making their financial future better. Overall, I like the new logo, and I won’t forget Credit Karma helped me improve my credit score.



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