How to Create a Custom Website in 2017 Which Is Aesthetically Pleasing and Clean

How to Create a Custom Website in 2017 Which Is Aesthetically Pleasing and Clean

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Web designers will agree that designing a website is creative work. However, creativity is not the only thing you need to create a custom website. What makes the web design worthwhile is the functionality of the website and a competent web designer should keep this in mind when he is designing the web pages for a client.

According to Cameron Moll UX expert at Facebook, “What separates design from art is that design is meant to be…functional.” If you create a custom website which cannot be developed into a functional one, it has no use for the owner.

There are numerous factors which make a website appear attractive while also ensuring that it does not appear to be fussy. We have the answer to your questions, and have compiled the best tips and tricks for you to follow when you create a custom website for your business.

Clean Layout

We cannot classify one single layout which is preferred by users and which suits specific industries. However, you should make sure that the layout you are choosing is in sync with the website’s content display requirements. It should also augment the practicality of the website. The size of the side bars, alignment and the scrolling types should be consistent all through the website.

Pay Attention To The Content

Even though visual elements help in making the website look aesthetically appealing, well written content is supposed to be the most important factor of any website. Until and unless the visitors have a clear idea about what the website is for, the site will fail to fulfill its purpose. Thus, ensure the text you’re putting up on your site has a color scheme which is in sync and the font size is such which makes it easily readable for the readers.

Research Thoroughly

Web designing is an industry which is ever evolving. Therefore, before you begin to design your website, make sure that you visit the sites of your competitors and see if the designs they are using work for them or not. But, keep in mind that these designs should be used only for inspirations and should be copied.

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