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After a period of 13 years BT is ready for that brand change. The new logo to the right was submitted with the Intellectual Property rights and for a registered trademark as an application as of September 15th. A circle seen clearly with color gradients of blue, pink, red and green with the letters ‘B’ and ‘T’ in between in Simple Serif font.


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This hasn’t been announced as of yet by BT, but a spokesperson concluded that they regularly register trademarks for the business.
The logo has a past – apparently the new logo would be the fourth in line for BT since when the company was privatized under Margaret Thatcher’s government in 1984.

The New Logo for BT and its Logo Evolution:


New BT Logo Conclusion:

The new logo looks promising, as simplicity rules the symbol and logo world. Nevertheless, only time can tell of the adaptation of the new logo and its success as a rebranding technique. Changing the design from a 3 dimensional interpretation to that of a flat depiction is perhaps an intelligent move from BT. We would get to see the change of the identity perhaps in 2017, but the logo seems promising and will do well on merchandise, accessories and the BT Website.

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