Blue-Checked, Doe-Eyed Characters, With Pointy Ears Similar To famous Pokémon characters, Picked for Tokyo Olympics 2020 Mascot

Tokyo Olympics 2020 Mascot


Japan (Tokyo)–In the presence of hundreds of kids and electronic/social media officials, organizers for Tokyo Olympics 2020 unveiled three shortlisted mascots and revealed the most-awaited winning mascot similar to the official logo. For the first time in the history of Olympics and Paralympics, kids were given charge to decide the final design, organizers said on Wednesday.

Across Japan, between December 11 and February 22, classrooms at elementary levels were given one vote each right to cast ballots for the three shortlisted pairs of mascots. To be precise, 205, 755 classrooms at 16, 769 schools took part in the selecting phase.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 Mascot


“It looks futuristic and also represent Japan tradition and a culture of innovation,” said one of the participants who voted for the Tokyo Olympics mascot design. The winning pair has a distinctive set of blue-checked, doe-eyed characters, with pointy ears similar to famous Pokémon characters that reflects a sense of unity and portrays Japan’s tradition and a culture of peace, harmony, care, and support and depicts and spreads love above and beyond borders and nationality. The winning pair of mascots was created by the designer Ryo Taniguchi, which received 109,041 votes. The three colors that were used in the winning pair where blue, white, and pink where dark blue and white colors were used for representing Olympics, and white and pink represented Paralympics.

Just as in the cartoon, colored-checked, doe-eyed characters, with pointy ears had a name called Pokémon. The winning pair of mascot for Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics 2020 shall be decided by copywriters and other animated graphic artists and professionals no later than August, this year, said one of the members of the organizing committee.

Moreover, the decision to involve kids in the activity was to introduce them to the games to get them involved in the upcoming Olympic event and also to ensure transparency in the selection phase.

Apart from the other two entries selected from some 2042 designs, all Tokyo Olympics designs had elements of traditional Japanese culture and reflection of a culture of innovation and adaptability. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say,’’ Olympics first ever attempt to have kids choose the mascot ended in a big success,’’ So this concept was also reiterated by Toshiro Muto (CEO of the organizing committee) as he wished to build more positive branding aura around the upcoming event and design.

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