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Arc International, a French manufacturer and distributor of table and glassware was established in 1825 and still known as Verrerie Des Sept Ecluses.  It was renamed in 2000 as Arc International after the company grew technologically with a single family backing and leading it in to the tableware industry. Their B2B website provides custom made Tableware, Drink ware, Vine degustation, Ovenware & Candle Fillers – with about 45 years of experience in the art!

Their logo happened to change with the given fact that the old logo was only a mere representation of an ‘arc’ created by the bow & arrow of an archer with red and black as a color combination using negative space. Nevertheless the logo has now changed to communicate the specialization of the organization with a number of pros only visible than that of the previous logo.

However, an appealing restaurant or home furnishing logo design was much needed. A beautiful logo nevertheless depicts different vessels with better color and lower case font for immediate recognition and communication.


The logo changed on their website now manages to entice clientele, however, different reactions conclude that the new logo has more meaning attached to it with a ‘bowl’, a ‘vase’ and a ‘wine glass’- all relating to molding with different colors.
The direct relationship of the business within the logo is decipherable, almost immediately upon gaze, furthermore switching to lower case along with the color grey depicts a more human side to the complete logo.

Even their website now looks attractive with the new logo instead of the old one depicting an archer:


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Overall, the new logo does manage to serve its purpose, especially given the fact that arc international has a completely different setup for B2B clients as well with difference in commodities –a meaningful and communicative identity was significant, when compared to the old logo, especially for their glassware and tableware products.

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