Android Oreo: Yummier than ever!

Android Oreo: Yummier than ever!

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The long anticipated Android OS 8.0 was finally announced by Google. In partnership with Mondelez International, they have officially named it Android Oreo which was previously known as Android O.

The logo design consists of an Oreo cookie in the guise of a superhero, wearing a cape.

Google has played safe by partnering with a universal brand which is recognized across the globe and considered one of the best cookies available in the global market. Had they gone for a less popular brand, they could have risked the impact it has on the people.

When people talk about Oreos, they usually associate it with sweetness and greatness which is the perfect embodiment for the new Android OS. This will help attract consumers of all ages towards the new operating system.

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At a press event in New York, Google revealed the official mascot for the new Android 8.0 Oreo that tantalized the audience. What is interesting to note is that it was unveiled around the same time as the solar eclipse. Coincidence? We think not. The marketing gurus at Google make sure to utilize every resource or circumstance to their advantage, as proven time and time again.

All these contributed to a smooth and successful launch. The techies and the bloggers were certainly impressed.

The logo is not the only thing they revamped. The interface of the OS has also undergone a major redesign. This also includes the new addition of the Notification Dots. The notification dot is basically a dot that will appear on the app’s icon which, if long tapped, will open up a dialog box containing the last notification that app had.

Android Oreo: Yummier than ever!


In addition to this, Google also introduced a bunch of new emoji’s available exclusively on the all new Android Oreo. They have also redesigned the settings menu for a more user friendly experience and to help users navigate through the settings without getting lost or getting confused.

Most of these features sound very interesting and fun. However, just like any other new operating system, time will tell whether this new OS will be able to live up to the expectations of the users or not.

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