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Were you busy attending Thanksgiving after parties on Friday or were too lazy and busy eating leftovers from last night’s dinner? If you were that person who missed out all the massive sales and feel like crying your eyeballs out in regret, do not worry! Cyber Monday is coming to the rescue.

Whaaaatt?!?! What is Cyber Monday?

I can bet anything on that fact that the word “Cyber Monday” sounds alien to most of our parents and grandparents.  This word is more ‘in’ with the millennials.


Cyber Monday is a term used in the United States for the Monday after Thanksgiving. This term was created by major marketing companies in an attempt to convince people to shop online. This term was first used by Ellen Davis on November 28th, 2005 in press release.

Cyber Monday deals are “online only” deals, that are offered by retailers who are smaller and deal more in clothes and fashion than in tech and gadgets. Deals offered mostly consist of massive discounts on clothes, shoes, makeup, etc. Black Friday is more famous for huge discounts of technologies such as cell phones, camera, LEDs, laptops, etc.

Cyber Monday is marked as the biggest online shopping event. Last year its sales increased by 21% to $3.19 billion. Below are stats about 2015’s cyber event.



Here is a list of some website to check out this year’s Cyber Monday which is falling on November 28th, 2016.


If you take a look at the links given above you can see that there has been a change in trends. Cyber Monday deals are now offered by not only tech retailers but also by travel and leisure businesses like and Marriot.



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