A New Look for the Personal Group, with a Smile!



Based in the United Kingdom, Personal Group is an employee benefit and financial services company, helping organizations have better relations with their employees via managing employee benefits with a day to day scheduled software called Hapi. Throughout organizations one factor remains strong and has proved to be the backbone of every successful company – the level of happiness an employee receives is directly proportionate to the level of success an organization reaps.

The Personal Group earlier had their logo set up with 3 individuals with different 3 different colors, light blue, dark blue and grey, that which remain throughout their logo and actually worked. The same was depicted on their website. However the new logo for the employee benefiting financial company is not only communicative with the masses but directly proportionate to the Group itself. Their services are utilized by 2 million employees across 550 businesses.


The smiling face together with a radiant golden yellow palette is not only gaining attention but also representing happiness that which the organization would need to deliver their final message – employee contentment. The lower case ‘g’ would also form a nose, so together the letters ‘p’ and ‘g’ would eventually look like a face. Then all it creatively needed was the smile, perfectly poised to portray joy and wellbeing. This is a mere addition to the hidden logos we come across for organizations like the ‘FedEx Logo’.

The old logo wasn’t a complete loss at communicating with its target audience, depicting people and togetherness. The bottom line being that the old logo wasn’t as memorable and unique as the new one which has now been replaced already for the Personal Group, from their business cards, website to that of the Hapi application.


The website had a different feel and look altogether before and now when compared easily communicates employee happiness and basic directives for effective employee management. The old website with the old logo had the geometric sans input whereas the new logo has Pluto Sans as the word mark and helps add value to the complete program.


Even the mugs tend to display the smiley off the logo successfully with the designers for Personal Group integrating the face in every accessory and merchandise to gain maximum outputs and reach.


Their advertisement also depicts a smiling face in order to educate the readers about the endless possibilities of an organization reaping benefits from their employees, while the employees benefit from their financial plan and remain jubilant at work.

All Image Credits: http://www.personalgroup.com/
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