8 Easy Directions to Get Your Website to the Top

Google is not any average search engine, over the years it has achieved the status of a verb in English language. It has become a vital part of everyone’s life with everyone turning to Google for every little thing they need. Whether I am booking a flight or looking for a new place to eat, I’d first Google it. Google has all the answers and it answers with just a single click. But Google uses an algorithm to rank the websites on the Google Search Page. Ranking a new website is sure a challenge but here are a few directions to increase your website’s rankings whenever a user performs relevant searches.

1 – Slow and steady does NOT win the race:

Gone are the days when people used to say Slow and Steady wins the race. People have got no time to waste now, they want everything and they want it fast. An average visitor scans your website and makes a decision to whether stay on your website or leave within first 3 seconds. Your sites should be super-fast and load within first two seconds. Slower websites can impact negatively and visitors will switch tabs even before seeing your website so Go Fast or Go Home.

2 – Keep your Content Up to Date:

Keeping your website content up to date in the form of new blog posts and articles makes your visitors and Google know that you care about your website and you keep it maintained. It shows that your business is alive and kicking and you are active. The updated content can be helpful in drawing Google’s attention towards you and can definitely ensure a better ranking on website’s blog.

3 – Accessibility across All Devices:

In these technologically advanced times, there are all these new gadgets that you can use to access websites. It is not limited to just your PC’s or Laptops anymore. It is mandatory that all your websites are available on the go and can be accessed through multiple devices. Google recently announced that mobile friendliness will also be a ranking factor in Google’s ranking algorithm so building responsive websites is more important than ever.

4 – Target Low Competitive Keywords:

Try aiming for keywords that have less competition. Choose the right keywords that will attract visitors to your webpage and in return more ROI.

5 – Optimizing your Website Using Keywords:

Optimize your website using different keywords that are relevant. There are many tools to determine the keywords and you can optimize the entire website and its content to be keyword relevant. You can use these keywords in titles, H1 headings, Meta Descriptions, Image tags and also URL.

6 – Build Only Quality Backlinks:

Search Engine Optimization gained its importance with the popularity of Google and backlinks have become the major reason behind the rise of SEO. Backlinks also known as inbound links helps in determining the popularity of your website. Google, gives more credit to websites with decent number of quality backlinks, and considers those websites to provide more relevant search results than others for a search query.

7 – Social Media is Necessary:

Everybody is on social media these days. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc it’s like a religion to this generation. These platforms are a great way to attract customers to your website design and a great amount of traffic can be derived via a good social media strategy.

8 – Follow Google’s Guidelines:

Make sure that you are not breaking any of Google’s rules to get to the top. Any unethical or forbidden tactics to reach the top can get you penalized by Google so steer clear and use SEO effectively to reach the top!

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