6 Mistakes in a Custom Logo Design


Too many cooks spoil the broth

With the dawn of the Internet and new E-commerce and marketing strategies, it is imperative that a logo is most transparent and communicative. The advent of designers falling in to traps is more common these days. A market survey reveals that a newly developed custom design logo for a client would either be famous for how powerful their image is in the logo itself or how poorly it was set up. Below we shall list out a few mistakes that may cost the company, the client and the designer, its repute and wastage of time.

1. Cost Effective Designs (Beginner’s luck)


“Amateurs hope, professionals work”. – Garson Kanin.

First step, avoid designers and cheap custom logos, as what you pay for is what you get.

Investing funds in infrastructure is good, but the first image is your company logo, investing in it will not only attract the “right “customers but also boost your confidence for the business. Here is why most logos don’t work:

  • The entrepreneur wanted to save money and hence designed the logo himself.
  • Found an online company that makes logos like cupcakes , cheap and quick
  • A relative who knows a friends brother , who has a sister and she has a friend who is a designer – NO
  • Competitive websites to design a logo will eventually have an amateur or a copycat in place to re-design other designs to make one.

Here is why most logos would work flawlessly:

  • Hiring a custom logo designer after going through their online portfolio (and refund policies if unhappy)
  • Logo will be “UNIQUE” and professional , having a life span of at least 2-3 years
  • No issues in redesigning it as per your liking.
  • Self-satisfaction of being in the right hands

2. Use of Raster Images:


An example above illustrates how a vector image is unlimited at reproduction when compared to a Raster Image.
When designing a logo, normally vector graphic software’s are used such as Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator. A vector logo or design is set up with precise geometrical points, which enables optical flexibility at minimum or a maximum size. On the other hand a Bitmap or Raster Image will appear pixelated causing several difficulties to contract or expand.
Vector Graphics Dominance:

  • Can be minimized or maximized at any resolution without any breakage or lack of quality.
  • Rearranging the logo in the future would be an easier task comparatively.
  • Can be used on billboards to that of key chains or smaller products

3. No Stock Arts:

No doubt there are a number of websites that advertise readymade logos. It’s not about being casual. Your logo is your first impression. If you want to dress up casually to a formal interview, then that’s completely up to you. However a serious business mind would require a unique logo. Stock arts and websites aren’t bad at all, in fact their helpful ideas integrate with our intuition for a unique logo design. It would be a mistake though using them directly , as the idea you think is for your own firm is most definitely being utilized somewhere on this planet as well.

4. Focus on the Client’s Idea

Just because you find a font attractive doesn’t mean it would imply to the client and their nature of business. For example the Master Card a symbol of E- Commerce, Wells Fargo a financial institution and Ferrari, a motorsport giant with the wrong font would give the wrong idea. Is this really applicable to the client and their business? Keep that question lingering in your mind. Take into account as to what the client seeks, the depth of an image or his figment of imagination. You mar archive your own designs and use them later.

5. Unnecessary Font


Understanding the nature of the clients business is all that is required primarily, for any custom designer. Adding your own touch may be disastrous at times, for example the funeral directors logo for Smith & Smith gives a bad idea for the overall business. Another example is that of an attorney business card, having too many words to describe & depicting terrible font explaining that the lawyer may not be serious about himself and the cases he would defend.

The font you choose has to reflect the brand itself. It’s all about balancing the logo and the font for delivering the right message. Old logos can be developed in the same format or idea as long as the message of the product is delivered transparently. For example the Good Year Logo:


6. Impersonator

Cheating results in a ban – Unknown

Well it actually doesn’t. However similar symbols or a logo that has been used already develops a preconceived notion about it. For example the Starbucks Logo. Somewhere in Mexico Santana’s coffee is really famous, however the world is interconnected by the Internet.

Knowing what works for you and doing what others have done has a major difference. Make sure to have unique logos rather than copying any known format to always have the edge that you require to grasp customers innovatively.

Brands with look-alike symbols colours or logos show inefficiency & incompetency. Let your own design evolve emerge, give it time, use nature as a tool to come up with ideas. A unique symbol or logo with the right metaphors is long lasting and confident.

“Books serve to show a man that those original thoughts of his aren’t very new after all.”- Abraham Lincoln.
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