2016 Summer Rio Olympic Logo: ‘Feels like something New’- Milton Glaser



Milton Glaser – Milton Glaser is one of America’s most celebrated graphic designers. His designs include the I ❤ NY logo the psychedelic Bob Dylan poster, and the Brooklyn Brewery logo.

To be able to judge is quite simple, but to be a master in the field and then criticize is most definitely beneficial for the original designers as feedback.

Legendary Designer Milton Glaser rates every logo from the first ever Olympics in 1924 to the Rio 2016 Olympics. Glaser is world famous for his art and designs, especially for his iconic I ‘HEART’ New York logo and manages to rate the Games Logos with a perceptive and intuitive eye of someone who has been in the field for more than 50 years now.
He has received many awards for his outstanding, innovative and exclusive designs, including the National Media of the Arts Award directly from President Barrack Obama in 2009 and is the first graphic designer to receive this prestigious award.


Image Credits: https://imwiththebrand.wordpress.com

His favorite pick from the list of Olympic Logos was a simple but extremely communicative logo design from the 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics & Glaser scored it at 92/100.


Image Credits: www.wired.com

The original was designed by Art director Masaru Katsumi and Graphic Designer Yusaku Kamekura. The logo attained the highest score to Glaser’s liking as the red circle is evoking the Japanese Flag’s Rising Sun placed above the Golden Olympic rings with Bold Helvetica word mark stating ‘Tokyo 1964’.

Glaser liked it for its simplicity and stated that it appropriately redacted without any confusion and that all the parts of the logo fit.


He states that the 1960’s logo was a deviation from the previous logos for the Olympics.


He liked the Mexico City Logo and stated it to be graphic but the rings obstructed the numbers.


Glaser appreciated the Bold Graphics of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics Logo.


‘Athens was a departure’ confirmed Glaser.

As per Glaser Beijing’s Logo evoked Chinese Calligraphy

Glaser accepted that this year’s logo “feels like something new”.

He ranked other logos within the range of 80-90/100 a few of which are displayed above. He managed to give feedback on almost every one of them and most that lacked focus he was able to point out. For example Berlin 1936, he stated was strange and lacking focus. For another St.Mortiz 1948, he stated that it looked like a curious solution as though a travel brochure.

Overall, the depiction and his critique seem perfect as prior to 1960 most of the logos for the Games looked like Government Stamps and non-communicative. It was when Glaser co-founded Push Pin Studious in 1954 that the logos seem to change and evolve from the 1960’s.
Glaser didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment and hence there wasn’t a clear insight to his rating process. His approach towards the Olympic Games Logos is probably a balance between transparency and curiosity.

For this years logo, Glaser was clear about his thoughts and stated that the image is a presentation that looks fresh and contemporary while the athletes joining hands at the top were executed in a way that worked well with the surrounding elements and it had a new look.
Glaser originally wrote the list in the AIGA’s Eye on Design and apparently had the above feedback.

All Logo Image Credits: www.wired.com
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